Unravel Repeating Patterns & Live Life with the Ease Your Soul Intended

As a healer, energy worker, or spiritual seeker, you are clear that your Soul has a plan and purpose for you! But, it feels like sometimes it is hard to understand what that is. You have a desire to live a Soul led life but you struggle to understand how to do it. You have sought answers from other people through divination or coaching.

✴️ You are ready to take control.

Learn to access the Akashic Records and tap into the wisdom of the Universe to create a Soul led life full of abundance, joy, and ease.

You can get Divine Guidance and Tap into Your Soul's Wisdom on Your Own Terms 24 hours a day...

No more waiting to get on someone else's schedule to receive divine guidance.

  • What if you had the power to tap into a resource that has divine guidance from all past, present, and future possibilities?

  • What if you could channel this knowledge whenever you needed to and receive answers without judgment or interpretation?

  • What if you could learn to understand your Soul’s journey and how to live in full alignment with your Soul’s path?

✅  You are Ready for a Journey of Self-Empowerment 

✅  You are Ready to Connect with  Your Soul 

✅  You are Ready to Live a Purposeful Life of Alignment 

✅  You are Ready to Take Your Healing to the Next Level

✅  You are Ready to Receive Divine Guidance with Love

You trust the wisdom that has gotten you to this point. You know you are meant to do more, give more, be more. You know you’re meant for greater things. So, you keep going, chipping away at the layers you think are holding you back. 

 You keep getting divinations or going to other people to help you understand what it is that you are missing. You follow the advice, but you still feel like there is something you are missing. You know there is a bigger piece to help you solve the puzzle. You feel progress and are stuck at the same time.

 You are excited about the day when you are not making the same mistakes. You know there is a relationship waiting for you that is full of love. You have the career/job/business of your dreams and are fully supporting yourself in doing something that you love.

 You keep pushing through. Trying different things. Telling your story to new people. Hoping that something will click. 

Your Soul Led You Here for a Reason!

Let’s take the guesswork out of living an aligned life of purpose. All that you need already exists. Tap into the wisdom of the Akashic Records and become empowered to understand your Soul’s Wisdom. 

I’ll show you exactly how to access the Records to bring about transformation and learn to walk fully in response to your Soul’s desire…

Social proof: testimonials

“I’m deeply grateful for Dr. La Toya sharing her knowledge of the Akashic Records. Dr. LaToya's method of teaching and working with the Records is simple and yet powerful. I have been able to work in the records to deal with multiple issues and it's been a profound healing tool for me at a soul level. I would highly recommend taking the Akashic records course with Dr. La Toya. Her extensive knowledge, caring personality, and years of experience put her head and shoulders above anyone else.”

N. Harris

“I came across Dr. La Toya's work at the 2022 Black Spirit Solstice Summit, she was one of the presenters on the Akashic Records, and I was blown away by her knowledge and wisdom. I had received an Akashic Records reading in the past, but had not had it explained in such detail in the way that Dr. La Toya offered. Needless to say I decided to sign up for her Akashic Records 101 class and the Advanced Class. Within those classes I learned so much and was also able to participate in the experiential part of the class to put what I was learning into practice. A month after the class I decided to book her for a Soul Blueprint reading, and WOW I was blown away at how potent and accurate it was to my life, she also provided after-reading resources for me to learn more about what was discussed in the reading. Hands down I would book and work with Dr. La Toya again and have already recommended her to friends and folks that I am in community with. ”

Alishia M

“"I am so grateful for all of the services Dr. LaToya has to offer. Everything she does is for your elevation and success if you are willing to make the investment. The Akashic Records class was truly life changing, because she teaches you practical techniques with a step-by-step guide for you to get the core of what it is you are seeking. The information we learned in class is priceless, because we can take this knowledge with us throughout this lifetime and beyond. If you want to invest in yourself, take this class— because you won’t regret it." ”


“I took the Akashic Records workshop and can honestly say I know what it's like to receive messages from the Records. I learned how to received messages from my natural gifts and not necessarily according to how others receive their messages. I can enter the records on my own now for guidance!”


“Dr. Latoya's Akashic records 101 class was amazing, informative and fun. Her explanations about this deep and mysterious system were very easy to comprehend. By following her step by step instructions l was able to enter the Akashic Records the first day!!! Such an empowering experience.”

J. Efunlayo Maxey

Pricing options

Pay in Full and receive instant access or break your investment up into 3 easy installments and receive your content in 3 segmented Modules.



    $999 Value*

    You will receive a FREE TICKET to a virtual retreat. In this retreat we will experience collective healings and transformation, discuss special topics as it relates to the Akashic Records, and share space with your Soul Wisdom community in a fun and relaxed environment. *Specific dates TBA. Retreat may have limited in-person options. Retreat is completely optional and will be included as a replay in the member portal if you are unable to attend.


    $1500 value*

    You will receive personalized teaching and feedback on your reading and reading style in a scheduled session with Dr. La Toya and 2 other students. These personalized sessions will help you pinpoint and navigate any issues you would like to discuss.


    $150 value

    A common tool used in conjunction with the Akashic Records is a pendulum. In this masterclass, learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable using and incorporating this pendulum into your sessions.


    $1500 value

    These healings will help you release past life traumas, present life mental blocks, and oaths that are blocking your success. These recorded healings can be used as many times or whenever you feel is necessary.


    $500 Value

    You will receive an attunement that connects you directly with the energetic frequency of the Akashic Key Process. This attunement allows you to have a clearer channel for connection and communication while working in the Akashic Records.


    $1000 Value

    There will be one special class where we discuss transitioning from learning the records to creating an income stream by offering readings. This session is an invaluable tool in learning tips and tricks to get you up and running smoothly and quickly.


    $200 Value

    Upon completion of the Certification program, you will have the opportunity to be listed on the CHI Healing Institute website with your photo, bio, and contact information as a certified reader.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. What to Expect in Soul Wisdom

    3. What You Will Need

    1. Understanding the Soul

    2. The Akash

    3. Understanding the Akashic Records

    4. Ways to Use the Akashic Records

    5. Instructions for Attunement

    6. Who We Meet in the Records

    7. Attunement #1

    1. Welcome to Module 2

    2. Key Concepts for Success (1)

    3. Ways to Receive Information

    4. Considerations About Receiving Information

    5. Additional Considerations

    6. Grounded Mediation

    7. Akashic Key Process - Opening Prayer

    8. Akashic Key Process Closing Prayer

    9. Assignment and Final Considerations

    10. Soul Wisdom Module 2 Handouts

    1. Welcome to Module 3

    2. Phrasing Questions

    3. Asking Questions is Like a Conversation

    4. Assignment and Final Considerations

    5. Resource: Questions to Ask in the Records

    1. Welcome to Module 4

    2. Considerations in someone's Records_Module 4

    3. Your Records vs Records of Others

    4. Opening the Records for Others

    5. Closing the Records of Others

    6. Recap and Assignment_Module 4 (1)

    1. Introduction to Soul Groups (1)

    2. Earth, Mars, and Maldec

    3. Mintaka, Polaris, Pleadian

    4. Procyan, Arcturus, Sirius

    5. Spica. Nihal, Alpha Centauri, Hadar

    6. Blue Printers

    7. Parallels, Draconian, Mission Realmers

    8. Wrap Up and Assignment

About this course

  • $577.00
  • 66 lessons
  • 10 Modules
  • Bonus Videos
  • Printable PDF Documents


  • 11 RECORDED VIDEOS RELEASED WEEKLY ($2700 value) Each Monday a video will be released with a new lesson. The lessons are designed to move you through the program in a way that allows for integration and digestion of knowledge without overwhelm.
  • BI-WEEKLY SUPPORT CALLS ($2000 value) During the program, I will show up to answer any questions and expound on the lessons from the videos. These support calls are designed to help you navigate through the program at your own pace while also receiving my support in real-time. If you are unable to make a live call, you can always ask your questions ahead of time. The recordings from each call will be uploaded into your member portal and you will have access to all of the same information. 
  • DOWNLOADABLE PDF Additional Resources and Course Notes in PDF format found in your member portal.
  • HEALINGS & ACTIVATIONS ($999 Value) recorded clearings and healings that you can listen to and use as many times as you want!
  • SOUL WISDOM CIRCLE ($333 Value) our private community where you will be able to connect with other soul’s on the same journey. This community space will create a safe container for you to ask questions, receive feedback, and gain support.


Join this Soul-Empowered Journey


$577 or $222x3


(Regular $1297)


BONUS #2 PERSONALIZED TEACHING & PRACTICE SESSION (value $1,500) for Process Certification Only






Gain clarity of Soul's purpose


  • When does the program begin?

    Soul Wisdom Akashic Training Program is available to begin at any point.

  • When do I receive access?

    If you pay the full investment, you will receive immediate access to all modules. If you are paying your investment over time you receive instant access to Modules 1-3 so you can begin working in your own records. The following month you will received access to Modules 4-7 so that you may learn to work in the Records of others. The final month of your payment plans, all remaining modules will become available. With either plan, you have immediate and full access to all live classes and sessions and the group.

  • I have never done anything like this before. Do I need to be psychic already or something?

    The Akashic Records meet each person where they are at and are accessible to everyone. You do not need to have prior experience. Accessing the records increases your intuition and the more you practice, the better you will become at retrieving information.

  • I am not sure I will have time to devote to this class. What happens if I fall behind?

    The course can be taken self-paced, but I do recommend (and the course is designed) to complete 1 module a week. You do not lose access to the materials so you can take as long as you need. You are always free to ask questions or show up to support sessions based on wherever you are in the curriculum.

  • Will I be able to practice giving readings?

    The class has a built in support system where you are able to practice with people in a similar space as you. Practice sessions with each other are highly encouraged and facilitated within the group.

  • Is this only for a specific religion?

    Accessing the Akashic Records are a non-denominational approach to receiving divine guidance.

  • What if I can’t access my Akashic Records?

    Sometimes it is difficult for someone to access their records due to past vows, oaths, or experiences. Sometimes there are mindset issues that are preventing someone from accessing their Records. In the context of the course, there are clearings and activities to help identify and remove those issues. You can also join the Live Support sessions or post in the group and receive real-time guidance.

  • I am not interested in the Certification. Can I still take this program?

    Going through the certification process is an option and not a requirement. You may decide while doing the program that you would like to receive the certification or you may have started out wanting to get the certification and change your mind. Either option is fine.

  • What are the certification requirements?

    You will need to complete 10 practice sessions and receive feedback from the clients on a feedback form that is sent directly to CHI Healing Institute. You simply need to provide the client with the link. After completing your practice session, you will meet with someone on the team for a review call. There is also a short assessment test to make sure you grasp the key concepts presented throughout the course.